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Stage one now released

New release double plots available for pre-purchase now.

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Our promise

We believe that during the hardest moment in each person’s life, they deserve to be offered the greatest support, in the most honourable way.

New Cemetery offering Pre-Purchase solutions

The Garden Cemetery is currently offering Stage One release to the Community.

Our unique Pre-purchase offering

The Garden Cemetery is allowing customers the unique opportunity of pre-purchasing their burial plots in advance and securing their place for the future. This provides families a pre-planning option to minimise stress and financial burden at the time of hardship.

We value Community

The Garden Cemetery will be the first not-for-profit (NFP) company to provide a contemporary, holistic and ethical burial solutions. Delivering a high quality personalised service every time. We recognise the values of our community and are driven by a desire to reinvest back into our community.

Our Payment options

The ability to pre-purchase is made even more flexible with the options of either paying for your burial plot upfront with our reduced introductory offer, or the added option to pay off your investment over a 5 year period allowing regular monthly payments.


Above all professional practices and dealings, The Garden Cemetery will be the first eco-friendly cemetery in Sydney to embrace and nurture the wonderful natural environment we are blessed to be operate in.

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What we do, proves what we believe.
What we do, proves what we believe.