Celebrating the life of a mother

Celebrating the life of a mother

“Paradise lies at the feet of your mother” – Prophet Muhammad(S)

Our first companions, carers and comforters. Our mothers.

Throughout our lives they have supported us, from infancy to the people we are today. They have believed in our aspirations, motivated us to achieve our goals, and rejoiced in our accomplishments. They have fed us and clothed us.

The passing of a mother can be devastating. We lose a significant part of our lives, the one person we have known since birth. It can be hard to even imagine the world without their presence. Their nurturing and unconditional love has kept us afloat through the years — whether dealing with grazed knees as a child or as a source of wisdom and advice as we grew older. Accepting a mother’s loss is a difficult process and healing can only come through time and perseverance.

As we work through our grief, talking to siblings and other family members can help us find comfort in treasured memories. It is important to celebrate the moments shared with her and the precious time spent together.

The status of a Mother in Islam.

Mothers are given great status in Islam, honoured for their endless strength through all stages of parenthood. They have made sacrifices we cannot even begin to imagine. We have to first and foremost express our gratitude to God for the tremendous blessing of our mothers themselves. We must then find solace in Him, and rely on Him for resilience through our time of hardship.

Patience is often difficult, but crucial. As we carry on with our own lives, we remember the lessons our mothers taught us about the world, and the values they instilled in us that make us who we are. We are indebted to them for their kindness and devotion.

Through them we have grown, and through their loss we grow stronger.

May God be merciful to them and grant them ease.