Our Unique Pre-Purchase Opportunity

The Garden Cemetery is giving the community of Sydney a unique opportunity to pre-purchase burial plots. This allows individuals to prepare their burial arrangements to minimize the financial burden and stress that is too often experienced by families when a loved one passes away.

1. Double Plot Upfront Payment
Our ‘Upfront ‘ option gives you the advantage of securing our introductory pricing for a double-plot for those wanting to make an immediate purchase.¬†This is for a limited time only.
2. Double Plot Payment Plant
Payment Plan
For those who prefer a more flexible payment option we have a monthly ‘Instalments’ plan available which allows you to break up the total into manageable monthly payments over a five year term ($1000 deposit required).
3. Family Gardens
Family Garden
The Garden Cemetery offers families the option to pre-purchase multiple plots within a designated section of our cemetery. This is a unique package that we are proud to offer families who would like to arrange their burial plots together with their relatives.